Frequently Asked Questions

We hope this FAQ answers most of your questions, but feel free to contact us at with any other questions or suggestions you may have.


Q: How many units are in the building?
A: There are 21 units of different shapes and sizes.

Q: This is a great idea, but I don’t live in Syracuse. Do you have plans to open locations in other cities?
A: Yes, we’re currently exploring many other mid-sized city locations throughout the US. Let us know if your city would be a good fit by contacting us at

Q: Why are you doing this in Syracuse instead of other larger cities?
Syracuse is our home, and we want to be a positive force in the rapidly developing downtown housing market. We have a vision of a more vibrant communal city and what better plate to contribute than our own backyard?

Q: Is this limited to millennials? I can see this working for many other segments of the population.
A: So do we! In fact, we’re open to anyone becoming a resident if it works for them. Some of the basic features of Commonspace lend themselves to young and single people looking for a more communal way of living, so we’re naturally getting the attention of millennials. At the same time we're excited that many segments of the population have also expressed interest, and diversity makes for the most interesting communities.

Q: What are your lease terms?
A: We’re happy to announce that we can offer both 1-year, 3-month, and month-to-month leasing, so there are options to meet everyone's needs. Securing a 1-year lease is the most economical starting at $850/mo. Shorter-term leases are an additional cost, and depend on the size of the unit. Contact us at for information on availability and pricing.

Q: Are pets allowed?
A: Nope. Look, pets are awesome. We love pets, but space is at a premium, and it's not fair to the other tenants and the pets themselves.

Q: When will you have units available to lease and where do I sign up?
Commonspace units became available in May, 2016 and we're excited to report that there has been a waiting list to join our Community ever since. That said, we're always accepting applications. You can get on our rapidly growing list by filling out our fun questionnaire and then submitting a rental application. Click here to join us.

Q: What else is in the building, and what other amenities are available?
Each resident has their own private kitchenette, bedroom, and bathroom. In the common areas, there is a large media room with large-screen television and lounge furniture, and a large chef's-style kitchen with 6-burner cooktop, 2 ovens (baking cookies is encouraged!) and large fridge. There's also a game room, reading room, laundry, and free coffee stations.
Residents of Commonspace will also have access to Syracuse CoWorks, a world-class co-working space and entrepreneurial hub, so if you're a freelancer or normally work from home, Commonspace is a place where you can both live and work on your terms.

Q: Will this really be like a dorm? Will there be tons of rules and regulations?
A: Commonspace co-living units are apartments with all of the same rules and regulations you’d find in any apartment complex. The only difference is that there will be some rules about how the common spaces are utilized so everyone can enjoy the amenities equally. Our goal is to take the best parts of dorm living -- community, involvement, social interaction -- and apply them to downtown apartment living. At the same time, each resident will have their own private space, so social interaction will be on your terms.

Q: So how is this different than an apartment complex?
While Commonspace is at its core an apartment complex, the building has been transformed and developed into a neighborhood. We have integrated living spaces, working spaces, technology, community outreach and great interior design to encourage more meaningful social interactions. Plus, we believe that if the residents develop into more of a socially-connected community, the experience of living downtown will be more fulfilling.

Q: Where do I park?
A: There are several parking options within a two block radius. On-street metered parking is usually available within a block of the building, and there is a parking garage next door that offers reasonable monthly rates.

Q: How much will it cost?
A: Units are fully furnished, and all rents include utilities, internet, and even a bike-sharing program. On-site laundry is available for a modest fee and machines take credit/debit cards, so no hunting for quarters. Some people (Troy) have considered the purchase of a Tesla Roadster to loan out to tenants, but that's still being reviewed by our legal team.